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Todd R. Lockwood  


Todd R. Lockwood began shooting portraits in 1966 at age fifteen. He studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and later opened a photography studio in Colorado.

Lockwood moved to Vermont in 1977 and set his camera aside to pursue parallel careers in music and writing. His Vermont recording studio, White Crow, hosted such artists as Phish, Alice Cooper and Odetta. In 1990 he founded The Brautigan Library, America's only library devoted exclusively to unpublished books.

In 2007, after a 30-year hiatus, Lockwood resumed shooting portraits—this time strictly as a fine art. A year later he unveiled a new portrait series, One Degree of Separation, that chronicled his exploration into universal humanity. In 2016, he introduced the cinema portrait, a convergence of portrait photography, cinema and writing.

He has exhibited in public galleries throughout northern New England, New York State and selected galleries across the U.S.


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