John Douglas

Dead & Wounded


Exposition 2009: Dead & Wounded
 From February 20 to March 13, 2009 With only adornment for his M16 rifle, John Douglas seems the only subject of this series of pictures. A real "one man army "(an army alone) by multiplying, armed to the teeth. A series of "paintings" that confront the power to impotence a ridiculous weapon. A questioning of the increasing polarity in the U.S. political and social skills. Homeland Security is a sardonic critique of current U.S. foreign policy preemptive military Go it Alone (vas'y alone) and a hilarious portrait of the "soldier citizen "defending shots from his native habitat: the trailer, lawn, covered coffin flag, maritime access ... and the ice as blood, being sat stoically in front of a television in a dark interrupted by his cyclopean intermittent light.



Founders in 1967 of the collective Newsreel very politically engaged, John Douglas achieved in 60/70 with his old friend Robert Kramer, People's war in Vietnam North and Milestones. John Douglas photography, to clone, multiplies to puts bare stage and large format, black and white and color. Unique about this series of images, he delivers with efficiency, depth and sardonic humor, his message: No to war! No to violence! Therefore, he uses photographs of American society. Taking his gun he defends turn a flower, a beautiful oak america from the north, where a caravan etc. .. many poor Americans live in the blink of an eye shot in the war of secession, it embodies alone an army returning from battle. His soldiers are the opposite of the image that we are served on our television screens, clad in bullet-proof vests, helmets, night vision and other military gadgets like robots. His soldier he is naked, human, vulnerable, wearing a ridiculous weapon. John Douglas loves his country. He fights against the drift of "Patriot Act" ** This law made after the11/09/2001 restricting individual freedoms, the foundations of American democracy. He denounced the fascination with weapons and easy to procure. * After 11/09/2001, the Bush administration created at the federal level, the DHS 'Homeland Security', 22 agencies coordinated the House White, in order to strengthen the security of the United States against terrorist attacks and natural disasters (such as Katrina in New Orleans.) Law "Patriot Act allows agents against espionage monitor the actions of every citizen for a Total Due control territory. Homeland Security & literally security LAMERE homeland is the term used by politicians, the media themselves and les citoyens. Il évoque a country in constant alert, immersed in a state of fear ...


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