John Douglas


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SKYHOOK (16mm filmed with Robert E. Fulton III - 1965) training film (USMC Seal Team / Rescue) Fulton Co. for the CIA and OmniVision Inc. (research / experimental work) Danbury, CN


STRIKE CITY (30 min. 16mm B&W- filmed, edited, co-directed with Tom Griffin - 1967) families near Greenville, Mississippi, that went on strike and were evicted from the plantation on which they had worked, built their own homes, and carried demands for food and housing for themselves and others to the White House lawn.
        Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival


BDRG: Boston Draft Resistance Group (20min. 16mm filmed with Norm Fruchter - NEWSREEL - 1968) detailing the organizing efforts and actions against the draft and Vietnam War


DIE-CAST GRILLS (15min. 16mm filmed, edited, directed - 1968) montage of triple exposed news / daily life following the King / Kennedy asassinations


SUMMER '68 (1hr. 16mm filmed, edited, co-directed with Norm Fruchter - NEWSREEL - 1968) a film examining the organizing around the country leading up to and including the Democratic Convention in Chicago

PEOPLES' WAR (50min. 16mm filmed, edited, with Robert Kramer and Norman Fruchter - NEWSREEL -1969) filmed in North Vietnam (from Hanoi to the DMZ) presenting the levels of organization and struggle for independence and freedom that led them to victory.

        First Prize, American Film Festival
        Golden Bear Award, Moscow International Film Festival


CECIL (30min. 16mm filmed, edited - 1970) an old Vermonter who works at the garbage dump, plays Santa Claus for a small rural town and celebrates Xmas with wife, 11 children, and 41 grand-children


FREE FARM (15min. 16mm filmed, edited, co-directed - 1970) story of young people planting huge garden (food for the people) on college property and holding out against the administration and the State Police (not a Newsreel film)


TO OUR COMMON VICTORY (30min. 16mm edited, co-directed Rennie Davis, Peter Biskind & Ellen Ray - 1971) a film detailing US policies against Vietnam. Interview with Madam Binh explaining proposed Peace Treaty. Called for May Day Demonstrations in Washington DC to end the war.


KASKAWALSH (30min. 16mm filmed, edited, directed - 1971) a single-frame journey from Glacier National Park, Montana, all the way to 21 days into the St.Elias Range,Yukon


MILESTONES (3and a half hour feature film 16mm. acted, filmed, edited, co-directed with Robert Kramer - finished in 1975) Activists of the '60's finding themselves in the '70's 
        NYTimes: "...must see..."
        Cannes Film Festival - Critics Choice Award
        New York Film Festival
        London Film Festival
        Internation Film Festival (Portugal) First Prize


THE VERDICT (1hr. Video / filmed, edited, co-directed - 1976) adaptation of Barbara Reilly's play about Dhoruba Moore's trial


HUNTER COLLEGE NOW (15min. 16mm filmed -1977) Young & Rubicam


PORTRAIT of a PUERTO RICAN ARTIST: JORGE SOTO (20min.filmed -1977) also researching / writing for feature film of lives of a group of New Yorkers, their different ethnic and class realities


CRIC, CRAC (filmed 1978) documentary about Haitian refugees. What they came from and what they found. International Festivals


BARRIO LOGAN POR VIDA (filmed - 1979) documentary about the cultural and political identy of the Chicano community in San Diego ten years after the take-over of a California Highway Patrol Station for a park and murals


RAPE OF REALITY (1hr. 16mm filmed - 1979) examined the distrortion and use of violence by the media in the US. Produced by Cobra Films, Sweden


STAND UP GRENADA (1hr. 16mm filmed, edited, co-directed with Ellen Ray & Bill Schaap - 1979) work print of longer film, detailing the gains of the Revolution and the serious attempts of the US to destabalize the Peoples Revolutionary Government. CIA et al

        Latin American International Film Festival, Havana, Cuba


DISARMAMENT: The Question of Conversion (filmed - 1980) produced for the United Nations by Swedish TV


GRENADA: NOBODY'S BACKYARD (16mm filmed -1980) Covert Action Bulletin Production


I'M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS (15min. 16mm filmed, edited, directed by Marianne Willtorp - 1980) a theatrical piece about the contradictions faced by women who really want to work in the theater, but are still forced to support themselves by waiting on tables

Womens International Film Festival

BIRDS and BUFFALOES (20min. 16mm filmed, animated, edited, directed 1981) impressionistic montage of contradictions and life. various festivals


LA LOGAN (30min. 16mm filmed, edited, co-directed with Marilyn Mulford & Helene Lorenz - 1981) the murals and the music, the tradition that historically supports the on-going strivings for equality of the Chicano Community in San Diego, CA
        Latin American International Film Festival, Havana, Cuba


GRENADA: The Future Coming Towards Us (1hr. filmed, edited, co-directed with Samori Marksman & Nana Ashhurst - finished 1983) the history that led to the '79 Revo and the possibilities that it held out to the people of Grenada before the blood bath and the US invasion
        Latin American International Film Festival, Havana, Cuba
        Leipzig International Festival Award
        The Public Theater, NYC. six week run

        range of sales - Nigerian National Television to NHK, Japan


ROUTE ONE (editing - 1988) feature film by Robert Kramer - Films D'Ici, Paris



(computer animation on video - 1988)

        Special Jury Award Political Video 

        National Journalists Conference Halls/Walls Gallery, Buffalo, NY


QUEBEC/VERMONT Artists- Acid Rain Project (computer animation on video - 1989) work showed in LaMacaza Gallery, Quebec and Coburn Gallery/Metropolitan Gallery here in Burlington, Vermont


WHITE NOISE (4min. computer animation - 1990) with Erich Kory: Cello

        Special Jury Award / Earth Peace Film Festival, Burlington


30min. piece - computer animation - 1991 with Erich Kory
performed in 'Le Violoncelle a toutes les cordes' Festival, Montreal, Quebec


7min. computer animation with Erich Kory on cello
        1st Prize / AT&T's 1992 International Graphics/Animation Competition


'REVELATION' (2 min. Produced by P.C.S.I. and Alan Waxenberg, computer - John Douglas, cello-Erich Kory - 1992) distribution by DIVA Corporation on Interactive-CD Video Disk


UNDERNEATH...a nostalgia for paint... (5min video. computer animation with Erich Kory on cello) shown at the Walker Art Center as part of ISEA'93.
        ISEA'93 annual show reel

OUR BONES (10min. video computer animation/Softimage - 1994) various screenings, festivals


DEMOREEL (10 min. video computer animation/Softimage - 1995) recent work in Softimage


the WHITEHOUSE (15 min. video computer animation/Softimage - 2000) 

              [Note: Awards: Bessie Award, 2000, for Outstanding Creative Vision )

DA SPEECH (8 min., video computer animation, 2003) numerous international film festivals and

prize winning at a number of US festivals. 

              [Note: Awards: James Goldstone Vermont Filmmakers Award]

the NAKED HITCH HIKER (30min. animated video, editied - directed by Eleanor Lanahan 2006) numerous film festivals  

              [Note: Awards: James Goldstone Vermont Filmmakers Award]

DEAD & WOUNDED  (Parts 1 & 2 - 30min. each -  computer super-imposed images played as part of show at Galerie Depardieu, Nice France

FIREWALKING (15min. video) what else needs to be said?




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