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Firewalking is an ancient practice intended to empower and heal. Walking barefoot over hot coals burning at over 1,200° Fahrenheit seems impossible, yet over half a million Americans have done it.


How many other things in your life seem impossible?


This workshop is about healing ourselves by overcoming our fears and limiting beliefs. Your ideas about reality will be changed forever. Discover for yourself how everything is possible, and learn valuable tools to help you confront limitations in all areas of your life.


The workshop is an exhilarating blend of ritual, love, music and laughter. Actually walking on the fire is completely voluntary, and not everyone chooses to do it. Even if you don’t walk, participating in the ceremony and witnessing others walking is an inspiring and empowering experience!

Dr. Heather Rice is a healer and an experienced Firewalking Instructor. She has been a staff trainer for the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education. Since 1993, she has led more than a thousand people over the coals, in the USA, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to move forward in your life
and help to fund the educational curriculum of the Earth Clock!


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