John Douglas



"Draft resistance organizing in Boston, a Boston organizer's trip to North Vietnam -- a GI. coffeehouse in Texas, Newsreel's take over of Channel 13 in New York -- following the production of the Rat's special issue on Chicago -- and Chicago during the Democratic Convention, the planning and carrying out of five days of protest. Each section focuses on an organizer central to each project--the attempt is to define the nature of commitment to "the Movement" against a backdrop of 1968's summer activities. "

Newsreel catalogue

1968 - 60 minutes

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In May l968, the students of Columbia University went on strike after the administrators repeatedly ignored their demand for open discussion of the university's involvement in racist policies, exploitation of the surrounding community of Harlem. This is the story of our first major student revolt, told from inside the liberated buildings. 

Newsreel catalogue

1968 - 50 minutes

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