John Douglas

the GLACIER Film


a single frame journey, edited in camera. shot in Glacier National Park, the Grand in the Tetons, and then to the Yukon and into the Kaskawalsh Glacier for 21 days in the last months of  summer 1971 with Robert Kramer, Lou Sempliner and myself...




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Alpenglow began in a small Vermont town when founding members Peter Coccoma, Graeme Daubert, Elori Kramer, and Kenneth Root shared songs in an old stone mill. Over the next two years, after adding bassist Colin Weeks, Alpenglow transformed original songs rooted in the folk tradition into a collection of finely crafted arrangements that are sprawling, moody, and wholly their own. Their music has been described as "swooning, harmony-laden stuff…laced with arcing fiddle, shimmering keys and healthy doses of ringing guitar punch." A hilltop chapel is both the inspiration and recording site for their forthcoming album. Their songs send listeners home to sleep soundly, knowing that somewhere, a resounding calm lies over the countryside.



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